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Today I had a revelation – not of the religious sort, but then again, maybe a little. This is not intended to portray any one religion as better than the other, because quite frankly, I don’t think anyone can make a case that one is the best – besides, this is a marketing article, not a thesis on religious doctrine…

So – here is the revelation. An overwhelming majority of the successful business owners that I know have deep-rooted religious beliefs. They attend mass, services on Sunday, go to the Synagogue. They observe and respect both the religion and the tradition behind their chosen faith. The first comment I can hear coming is “God favors the righteous”. Knowing that each religion is different, and many religions believe if you do not follow their “path”, you are out of God’s favor, I eliminated the option that God looks at these business owners differently than one who is not as dedicated to religion, or who is agnostic, atheistic, satanist, etc… The conclusion is this – a subliminal business-model branding that happens every day, every week, in every organized religion. It is a simple philosophy that is as old as time: The Golden Rule. Treat others the way you want to be treated. HOLY CRAP BATMAN! SOMETHING NEW, SOMETHING DEVINE! Will it work?!?

You may be saying Jon’s off his rocker again, or maybe still on meds after the surgery, because this seems so simple that everyone must be doing it. no one needs to be told, right?


I can tell you there are many “religious” people that have failing businesses. There are many non-religious ones that prosper. They all have one thing in common – they truly respect and understand their customers. Olivier Blanchard ( goes as far as saying they “fall in love” with their customers (Olivier – I was half-way through this when I read your blog today…). I stopped by a client’s restaurant today. An up-scale restaurant being hit pretty hard by today’s economic climate. During our conversation discussing different ways to generate excitement for a place that already has “IT” and “WOW” every time you visit is tough. It is even tougher when we don’t want to tarnish or cheapen the brand they have built so eloquently. After about 20 minutes, I left, with some great ideas to pursue. On my way out, I was stopped by mall security (As a reminder, mobile billboards are one of my branding tools) because one of the tenants was complaining that I was in the parking lot advertising for a competitor of hers. Mind you, I was in the back of the parking lot, 40 empty spaces either side of me. She did not have 1 single customer walk in her store during the time I was there, yet she decided to call security and the police. Curious… I hope she doesn’t treat her clients that way. Personally, I am not offended or even remotely mad that she was upset. It tells me that the marketing I am doing for my clients gets noticed and works, because it strikes fear into the competition. However, it would have been a lot easier for her to walk 10 steps and politely ask to change the direction of the truck so the sign wasn’t showing…

That story brings me back to my original comment. Business people that spend time in some sort of house of worship on a consistent basis repeatedly are reminded to treat people with respect. Therefore, they do. It shows in their businesses, their personal life, the choices they make (or don’t make). The moral of the story is this: If someone isn’t going to remind you to treat people well, you need to remind yourself. It WILL come back to you in some way, shape or form later in life.

I’m interested in reading your insights!


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