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New Year’s Resolution…. How Original!

You know, I had a nice dinner tonight with the family and the topic of New Year’s Resolutions came up. Really, the topic came up as a way to try and help my daughter through a mental block at the swimming pool. She thinks she is working hard, yet it is obvious by her times (and her coach’s anger) that she isn’t working. Normally, I would try to discuss the practice, what she thought went right or wrong – and why. Like all parents, I am proud of my kids (11 yr old twins) accomplishments. However, my daughter has way too much natural talent and the temptation to be an over-bearing, vicarious-living fool is almost too much to handle 🙂

In trying to help her, without mentioning swimming, we talked about resolutions and habits. Personally, I think resolutions on New Years are a big waste of time – because most people never get near their goals. I’ll quit smoking, lose 20#’s, eat better, stop drinking, be nice to my dog – whatever – but theses self-made promises never seem to get fullfilled.

So – back to the angle… We talked about forming habits. It takes up to 3 weeks for a person to form a habit – whatever that habit may be. I used an example of a friend of mine, Bill Shikany, who lost 41#’s in 2008. We had lunch today and I asked him how he did it. “Simple. Eat better and workout consistently (Bill works out at Anytime Fitness in Bonita Springs)”. Seems easy enough. Endorphins kick in and the body craves the rush – like a natural high. I miss that high myself. I am wondering, am I setting a bad example for my kids by not training on the bike like I used to? Do they notice that I don’t go to the gym like I used to? (I spent way too much time there when they were infants and have 2 shoulder surgeries to show for it – ouch). Let’s see – I’m gonna go ask them both right now and come back with the answer…

Ok – 5 minutes later and a new revalation… 11 year-old kids are very observevent. Both my son and daughter noticed my lack of excersize (son did point out the waist line – thanks kiddo!). They also both said they were more likely to work at their sport if they saw me working out as well. Afterall, is it fair for me to ask them to work hard if I am not willing to?

Now for the most important part of this discussion. When your body is healthy, so is your mind. You are able to process information quicker, more accurately. You become a better listener. You become a better husband/wife/partner and so on.

I think one of the biggest reasons New Year’s resolutions fail is we don’t respect or care about ourselves as much as we think we do (hence the reason we give up so easily). What if the resolution was done to help out someone you care about more than yourself. Someone who affects you in ways no one else ever could, ever would, or ever will. In ways that can never ever be replaced. What if your resolution had the ability to help direct the life of someone other than yourself? Would that make a difference?

Ask me in 3 weeks…



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  1. You are absolutely right…Ironically, we are more willing to help others than ourselves…which has probably been ingrained since we were children and tought to share (put other people’s needs first). The tragic joke is that if we don’t take care of ourselves, we will never be able to be a good partner…good parent…good friend.

    I was having lunch with someone today and we were talking about the benefits of working out. Right now, I only get to have a *good* workout on Saturdays. And, when my daughter gets wild Sat -Tue… I can deal with it. Wed-Fri… it stresses me out.

    Props to for kicking my butt once a week. Check it out when the neck heals 🙂

    Comment by Cyndee | January 6, 2009

  2. Great, inspiring, article Jon! This would be a good double post for our blog…maybe I can direct some people to this post!

    Comment by Laurel | January 15, 2009

  3. Ok – it’s 3 weeks o the day…
    I’ve held up my promise – been to the gym 12 times in 21 days, attended 7 spin classes and lost 4 pounds. An the beauty of it all? I enjoy going and am looking forward to tomorrow morning (couldn’t go today – hot water tank broke). I alo got 2 bike rides in during that time.

    Habits are formed through hard work, dedication and desire. They are broken by distractions. Stay focused… Stay committed

    Comment by bonitamedia | January 22, 2009

  4. inspiring and well written too….i’m impressed. I completely agree with you! Obviously I promote physical activity every day, if, however, people are truly too busy to actually go to the gym (that would be me)a healthy lifestyle and exercise can be encorporated into every day life, like eating healthy, taking stairs instead of elevator, parking further away from store to walk further, walk the dog every day……

    Comment by gaynell | January 22, 2009

  5. Thanks Gaynell!

    BTW – When do I get to interview Absolute PT for a post here?

    Comment by bonitamedia | January 23, 2009

  6. […] theory (I can make another just like you – Bill Cosby, Himself).  I truly believe that every action I take affects my kids in profound ways.  As a parent, it is my duty to make sure they are raised in such […]

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