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Life is a voyage.  Everyday we have new challenges, conquer uncharted territory and lose epic battles (some we don’t even know are going on around us).  I am fascinated with the growth of internet communications, how “chatrooms” on CompuServe were on the cusp of social (inter)networking 15 years ago and where things have gone.  The world is shrinking my friends, and how you choose to handle or adapt is key to your success…

Change is afoot – and it is finally starting at the top.  No – I’m not talking about freezing Gov’t salaries or Foreign Affairs… I’m talking about Social Media and how big of a role it played in politics this past year.  Barak Obama and his team skillfully created a marketing campaign unparalleled in election history.  Corporate America needs to follow suit – shift your attention to getting the consumer to contact you when there is a need.  Please, look around you.  Your clients and customers are sick of the “old way”.  If you don’t adapt, then a new, more dynamic competitor will emerge that understands the direction the world is heading, and your loyal customers will indeed follow…


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  1. Social media is separating the men from the boys. I have worked hard the last couple of years on my online presence and think I beat a lot of the young’ns to the puch.

    Comment by Chris Griffith | January 22, 2009

  2. You are responsible for turning me into the monster I am becoming my dear…

    Comment by bonitamedia | January 22, 2009

  3. Jon,

    I agree with you. The digital world is no longer a choice for any company or brand. It’s an imperative.

    We also should not forget about the foundations of Marketing as they’ve never been so important. Things like being close to our customers, establishing a clear brand voice, keeping promises, being relevantly differentiated etc… All we learnt in the past showed to be immutable! I believe the key now is not only to apply the old principles of Marketing, but it’s also to deeply understand how communities and technologies work in the digital environment…

    Congrats on your blog. You gotta a new reader 🙂

    Gabriel Rossi- Brazil

    Comment by Gabriel Rossi- Branding | January 26, 2009

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