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The Rules (of Engagement) are Changing…

I was sitting down Friday the 13th, having a cup of coffee at Bad Ass Coffee Co. in Estero with a friend, discussing different ways of using text messaging (SMS), blogs, social media and so on in a large, corporate environment when she says in amazement “The rules of engagement have changed!” Not only do I agree, but I had to write down “Rule of Engagement” so I didn’t forget to write this post!

Think about today’s consumer. How are decisions made? How have things changed? Remember the days when advertising and marketing would drive the consumer to use or try a product? Ads would be created touting each product as #1, The Best, New & Improved (btw – if something is new, how could you improve it already?) and Innovative. This trend was followed by “news worthy articles”, under the guise of a third-party, in an attempt to educate the consumer about a product. A brilliant step into consumer education, but like all things, this process was abused and the consumer became jaded. Then it was any product from a foreign land was the best, whether it came from the Amazon, German Engineered (BTW – German Engineering is indeed fantastic, but the phrase has become overused) or from some ancient secret recently unearthed. Consumers have been constantly bombarded with these marketing styles and in most cases, are able to pick up and tune out the message before any valuable information (if there is any) is received.

Today, the rules of engagement have changed. The purchasing cycle has changed – and here is an example that happened to me yesterday… My Sony TV died. I love my TV. Center-piece for family entertainment. Turns out it was just the projection bulb. OLD WAY: Drive to parts store and pay $250 for a bulb, $100+ for service call (Or buy a new tv). NEW WAY: Google “Sony Wega 50 TV DLP bulb” and find the instructions for replacement online and find multiple outlets to buy the bulb ($79 including shipping). I am grateful to have found the bulb, from a supplier that provided instructions and a 6 month warranty, for about 1/5th of the cost to do the same thing locally.

business handshakeThe Rules of Engagement have changed. Today’s consumer has more information at their fingertips than ever before. Learning how to engage your customer at the point of inquiry is key. Your advertising dollars need to stop being spent on flashy ads that are ego-centric and start driving consumers to the point of education for your company. Your client doesn’t want to see your ads. They know they are interested in your widget. What they want is the information they need to make the right decision. Welcome to the the new era – Digital Word-of-Mouth…

Editor’s note:  I found this post today – very concise and right on topic. Be sure to take a look!


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