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It’s always nice to hear about a success story – especially when it involves overcoming challenges. That’s exactly what we have in Florida Fitness Coaches. The story begins with a 7-month delay because of permitting problems in Collier County and a contractor that was unable to deliver anywhere close to expected deadlines. Opening was delayed over 7 months…

FFC's Boutique Fitness Room

FFC's Boutique Fitness Room

Husband and wife team Damon and Laurel Moschetto opened their doors in January 2008 with a very simple goal – be committed to the client. Sounds pretty straight-forward, right? Well, considering most gyms – whether local or national – operate under the same business model: Get people to sign up, collect a monthly payment, and let the client fend for themselves. About the only similarity between Damon and Laurel’s operation and a typical gym is the equipment…

FFC’s typical client is 30-60 years old and, in the words of Kevin Spacey from American Beauty, “…wants to look good naked!” Each has different goals, and Damon and Laurel coach the novice to the world-class triathlete, and everyone in between. Focusing on each client, with truly personalized service makes these two unique. When you visit FFC, you’ll notice right away the difference – there is no loud music playing, the gym isn’t crowded, and the FFC team is giving individual attention to each client. This enables each client to reach their own fitness goals in shorter time. Using specialized equipment from well-known fitness companies like Polar, Damon and Laurel are able to monitor results in real-time, making sure you are working to your fullest potential both physically and mentally.

Florida Fitness Coaches blog is run by Damon (National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified), and on it you can find many great tips on nutrition, exercise and more. If you have specific questions, Damon would be happy to answer them via the blog as well.

Damon and Laurel are originally from Maine and have been married 14 years. Damon was a competitive athlete all his life and Laurel, seeing Damon’s passion for fitness, decided to go along for the ride! If you are looking for a place to bench 400#’s, you are looking in the wrong place. However, if you are serious about your fitness goals and want (or need) a true coach to help you reach your goals, then Florida Fitness Coaches is the place for you. Give them a try – you’ll be glad you did!


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Coming soon!

I will be interviewing local business owners – from restauranteurs to retailers – to get their perspective on the economy, starting a business, pitfalls to whatch out for and so much more.  Keep an eye out for updates.  The goal is to do 2-3 interviews/month.  Some of the owners will make themselves anailable for Q+A if the need arises.



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