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Prioritizing matters more than you know…

Priorities and how to organize them.  This, in business and in life, seems to be the biggest distraction for many.  Priorities seem to change as frequently as daily for some people, but do they really need to?  For me, virtually every task, every event, every cause, action, reaction falls within 5 different categories (in no particular order) work, spouse, children, family/friends and yourself.  I will attempt to order these – with reason – and would love to read your thoughts.

#1 – My kids.  My children will always be first on my list.  That will never change, under any circumstance.  To me, and this may sound harsh, they are the only extension of me that is irreplaceable.  I don’t subcsribe to Bill Cosby’s theory (I can make another just like you – Bill Cosby, Himself).  I truly believe that every action I take affects my kids in profound ways.  As a parent, it is my duty to make sure they are raised in such a way to become caring and compassionate adults.  I will never live up to my duty as well as I should, but I will always be cognascent of the fact that my actions shape the lives of my two children.

#2 – My wife. When I got married, I made a vow for better or for worse.  I am not a big advocate of divorce, in fact I feel that most divorces should never happen.  Either the couple got married for the wrong reason or they are unwilling to put in the effort it takes to make it work.

#3 – Myself. I learned long ago that self-centerdness and selfishness lead nowhere.  However, a facade of caring and compassion won’t work either.  However, without a healthy body, mind and spirit I can’t be the father and husband I need to be, or the friend and business owner either.  Many people feel this should be placed at #1, but given the fact I would take a bullet for my wife or kids, I can’t possibly put myself ahead of them.

#4 – Family/Friends. No one can get through life these days without family and friends.  They help us grow by holding us accountable, challenging us, comforting us, laughing and crying with us.

#5 – Work/Business. Without a job or source of income, no one could provide for their loved ones.  However, without having all of my personal life in good health, there is no way my business can thrive.  I have seen time and again where #’s1-4 fail because emphasis is on #5.

My priorities are what they are based on my life, my situation and my own convictions.  Everyone has a different set, for different reasons.  I will say that if you are having serious issues in any part of your life, re-examine your priorities, take a long hard look at where your focus is and why.  Resolution may be closer than you think…


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